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A Word About Ourselves ...

Leonard C. Butler & Associates is an organization dedicated to helping companies like yours reach maximum profit potential through better development of human resources and managerial skills. This objective is accomplished by working with companies and individuals in a wide range of learning activities -- that are RESULTS ORIENTED -- designed toward meeting specific needs.

Examples of learning activities that can be tailored toward specific company objectives/needs are: Communications Skills, Human Relations Skills, Influencing Others, Managing Change, Leadership Skills, Instructor Skills, Counseling & Coaching, Coping With Stress, Quality Improvement, Time Management, Basic Job Economics for Supervisors, Basic Selling Skills, Employee Evaluations, and Basic Interviewing Skills.

A Message From Leonard Butler ...

“Having been a manufacturing supervisor at several plant locations during my early business career, and having provided learning experiences for thousands of supervisors during the past quarter-century, I know first-hand the job complexities and demands they face each day. So much is expected of them in today’s competitive economic climate. And yet, in far too many instances, they are the neglected members of the management team... especially, when it comes to developing their people and communications skills. That is why I have developed a series of learning experiences that include models, surveys, and group interaction that will better equip them to more effectively supervise their employees for greater productivity, teamwork, and cooperation back on the job."

The Boost Begins With Supervision
Training Boosts Productivity, Labor Study Says

WASHINGTON - Businesses that invest in employee training can boost their productivity substantially, a labor department study said. Productivity is a measure of efficiency. Between 1973 and 1995, it rose an average of 1.5% annually. From 1995 to 2003, it rose about 3% - roughly doubling. This is a huge change, if sustained. It means that personal income and profit can rise about 30% over the next decade ... provided we fine-tune our workforce with results oriented training.

-- The Washington Post and additional studies

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