Professional, Results-Oriented Management Training

How To Develop Supervisory Skills

to Control Employee Frustration On-the-Job

An interactive workshop for supervisors who want to improve their people skills.

Course Synopsis

Learn the importance of four-way communications and how to use it to improve employee performance by assessing people skills and meeting employee development needs. You will learn to avoid negative attitudes that can hamper productivity, and counseling and coaching techniques that will keep your supervisors and workers operating efficiently on the same wavelength. This participatory workshop is excellent basic training and will give any new new supervisor good foundational information with which to build a useful repertoire of people/management skills. This is valuable refresher training for experienced supervisors who need new ideas, strategies, and techniques. The workshop represents a down-to-earth, common-sense approach that will result in fewer problems among your people.

You will Learn:
  • How to keep lines of communication open
  • How to build a core of teamwork and harmony
  • Proven ways to get your message across effectively
  • Listening techniques for increased understanding
  • Fundamentals for motivating your people
    Methods for following up on suggestions, gripes, and complaints
  • Problem solving techniques you can use now
  • Identify and rank those supervisory skills necessary to get-the-job-done

Receive these Special Benefits:

  • Plot your personal counseling and coaching profile for on-the-job follow-up
  • Participate in discussion exercises that really drive home points you need to remember
  • Take inventory of your human relations strengths and weaknesses with an in-depth survey
  • Examine a four-part behavioral model that will give you insight into why your people think and act the way they do

The Boost Begins With Supervision

Training Boosts Productivity, Labor Study Says

WASHINGTON - Businesses that invest in employee training can boost their productivity substantially, a labor department study said. Productivity is a measure of efficiency. Between 1973 and 1995, it rose an average of 1.5% annually. From 1995 to 2003, it rose about 3% - roughly doubling. This is a huge change, if sustained. It means that personal income and profit can rise about 30% over the next decade ... provided we fine-tune our workforce with results oriented training.

-- The Washington Post and additional studies

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